“Act of God”

The name “Act of God” come from the Netflix drama television series: The Crown, Season 1, episode 4. which talk about the Great Smog happened in London in 1952, causing thousands to die.

This picture is taken in the 4th ring express way, the building in front of you, which only appear a haze shape, is the IBM tower, the distance between the building and the spot where I took picture is within 300 meter. the time is 2017.10.26 7:00AM, it’s awful, right? but all people have to live with it, no matter who you are. we have to bear with this through the whole winter.

I don’t want talk too much about the full picture of the air pollution in Beijing, lots people did it, and have dig into the reason, what I will talk about is, as a individual, what am I gonna do?

First, relax, if you care too much about this, or you got serious rhinitis or asthma, then you should probably find another good time to visit beijing, such as spring or autumn, the weather would be better because of the wind blowing,  any precaution way can not guarantee the protection thoroughly, please keep that in mind, precaution just minimize the harm to your health in some way.

1.Stay at home unless you have to go out, keep a good air filter or air cleaner up and running, the usual cost of a moderate air cleaner is about $450. and make sure the filter cartridge changed on time.

Figure: PM2.5 display screen from a Air Cleaner made in China

2.If you have to go out for business or something else, put a face mask on, such as 3M, try to take subway instead of the taxi or bus, because the subway tunnel got advanced air filter system, which is way better than any of our consumer mask product.

3.Do not jogging even with the mask. To be honest, I saw couple times when someone running outside in heavy fog.

4.Any time when you return to your home, wash your hands and face to clean up the adhesive substance on your skin.

5.Sometimes, it is just the fog, like water vapour (harm, but not much), not smog, the easiest way to tell is to smell, if you can smell like something burning, that’s smog.

We still did not figure out the reason behind the pollution or not be told in public, Just do some precaution to your children and old parents is absolute necessary at the time I wrote this. No one can’t escape from this, which is the cost we have to pay to the God.


Figure:Good Day without smog


Figure:Distance Mountain in the western Beijing

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