From The Acquisition of Mobike by Meituan

There are two important acquisitions recently, one is Alibaba to acquire with $9.5 Billon(news ) and Meituan-Dianping to acquire the bike share Mobike with $2.7 Billon.(news)

Well, just like the three well-matched kingdoms in our ancient time, three giant rivals are claiming their own territory and at the same time, killing all the startup who might have the chance to challenge or play on the table with the original three old men in the future.

I talked about the top list of food delivery market here( and you can simply think:

Tencent who grow from social connection, now controlled Meituan-Dianping, and then the Mobike.
Alibaba who grow from e-business ,now controlled and Baidu delivery and OFO bike.

And where is the Baidu as a traditional “BAT” three giants? , well, I think Baidu is aggressively putting their mind on AI to ……exploit your privacy for benefit(

… that’s kind of joking, actually Baidu is losing his advantage in the competition with Tencent and Alibaba, but still try to make up the gap through Ai realm, such as auto pilot and analysis, technically speaking Baidu have step outside the first group competition, and now struggling in the second group with DiDi (

For the time being, we still can not categorize DiDi as either a Tencent or Alibaba company, because DiDi got complicated shareholding structure, beside Tencent and Alibaba, Apple and Foreign bank and domestic Bank such as CMB have invested Didi. Also DiDi is an ambitious company, which have stretched their hand to Bike sharing and food delivery market in some place of China. In short DiDI is the hidden hounds staring at the two lions in the shadow. Maybe, to my guess, DiDi would be the real boss sitting behind the seat holding the magic ball Palantir delivered from the big brother.

Basically,Chinese company goes the same pattern under the forest rule.

  1. To die or to be monopoly, you can’t be out side the war if everybody is in the war. Be killed or to kill, no middle way.
  2. To die or to be growing stronger enough over night. You have to be quick on everything. Patient and endurance is no longer the motto of modern Chinese.
  3. It doesn’t matter who you are, what does matter is who is backing you. Essentially business in China is the reflection of the ‘Forbidden City’

Sometimes, I have to think all the Chinese business giant is more like the tumor behavior, which will greedily devour everything to keep themselves living, but at last, devour the host, then die with the host, it is very unsettling when I think of that.

Today is the tomb sweeping day for Chinese people, It was raining and sleeting all the night.

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