Academy Awards 2018

Academy awards has unveiled the final win yesterday, my favorite movie blade runner 2049 won the best cinematography and best visual effects, the last time when I pay more attention to my beloved movie in academy awards is Mad max:fury road and Avatar.

The Academy Awards to the people in filming industry is likely the Mecca, the holiest city for Moslem, especially for Chinese film maker, every years, they would pick a ‘best’ movie to compete the Best Foreign Language Film. As I can see, the closest movie to that honor should be backing to 1990s, when the Lifetimes ( )and Farewell My Concubine ( made. I also talked about the former here ( ) they are the most political correct movie for the academy’s taste, I think, and after that, since the early 2000, all the mainstream movie made in China were part away from the values of academy. You can see the latest picked movie Wolf Warriors 2 ( ), some critics think it is kind of propaganda for the rising of the superpower China. I personally can not interpret such a lot or hidden messages from this single movie, but I do think there are a lot of movie better than this, which are out of public’s sight. You can check the rating list from here ( .

Off the topic, I am a huge fan of si-fi movie especially for the replicant (human) movie, I list down some of my favorite movies here

Ghost in the shell 1995 (amine)

There are 1 and 2, I like the 1st movie, and I have to say it is disappointed when I saw the 2017 version of this movie (, it just like the transformer series which you can not remember anything when you leave the theatre.

I can feel the fear, anxiety, loneliness and darkness.

The music is amazing, check out the most famous one here

The same style music goes to a PS4 game NieR: automata which also depict the world of replicant

Blade Runner 2049

In fact I am not the huge fan of the original blade runner, I saw it years ago, I can not feel too much for it, but the 2017 version shocks me a lot, coupled with the three short films to make the background more clear. you can also find it on youtube.

Black out 2022
2036: Nexus Dawn
Nowhere to run

Indeed,I like the cinematography and visual effects

The Matrix I II III
I won’t say too much about it as it is such a phenomenon movie which broaden our thought dramatically.

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