Technically this is about me, I personally is the contributor of most content in this website, some of the inspiration come from my close friends, and I built this website from scratch since the middle 2017.

The reason why I built this website is simply just for fun, and hope it useful originally for my friends and former colleagues in US,Europe, but my goal kind of change along the way, since it has been a long time, and I have put a lot of effort and passion on it, I now hope it can help more foreigners in or outside China as long as she or he got connection with China in her or his life.

Have fun, friends

Like all people does, I probably made mistake in my articles, but I am always well-intentioned, not to offend anyone deliberately, please let me know if you found any mistake in my article, appreciate for any suggestion !

Drop me an email to fun224@gmail.com.

Brief BIO
Live in Beijing,China Since 1997
2003-2015 IBM IT Spec/Mgr
2015-2016 Lenovo (Acquisition from IBM)
2016-2017 Freelancer

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