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I have to admit that I got no much talent on this language learning matter, I would attribute ti finally to my gene inherit from my parents, but thing goes wired that all my family members including my elder brother are kind of good at the language studying and writing.

I never thought I can write poetry when I saw a beautiful poetry written by my brother when he was just a senior preliminary school student, I am not envy of that in my childhood, because I was even not aware of that at all. Is it funny? ohm? Basically, in my entire school life, I was struggling with my language studying. I can’t even speak a long, well structure sentence when I at the first time wen to the preliminary school. And it took me 3 years to grasp the PinYin system, which is the only learning material for the first half of the 1st grade term. I can remember clearly, my mom taught me Pinyin every night at that time, from my view of today, she must be getting lots of anxiety for me.

If Chinese was not my native language, I think I can never master it or learn it, it is too difficult for me from the character writing to telling the subtle difference between two similar phrase, so it is surely that I got the lowest score for Chinese course among all the subject when I graduated from high school.

Well, It looks like a sad story right? Yes, I think so, but kind of, not all, Chinese was indeed an awful enemy in my school life, yet ironically, the above example I mentioned did not end up like that, Yes, I got the lowest Chinese course score, but I got the top 1 score for English course.

Sometimes, I have to think by myself, why all this happened.

Language is a magic thing, it can hold some hidden or secret message in every particular language, and have strong influence on what the people behave or what the people think on the same matter. Also every language have their boundary which is closely related to the specific history and unique culture. If you want to understand a culture deeply, learning some of the language is inevitable.

Having problem or taking too much long time for me to learning Chinese still have a good side, which is I never be stuck in the given value by this language in my childhood, and not stuck in how to think as well. So when I started learning English at the first time, I don’t feel much uncomfortable to think or speak in English way.

It’s the old fashion way to learn English when I was educated, which would pay much attention on the grammar and contest skill, less in practicing of reading and writing, even less for speaking, it still have some negative influence on my English today which I can figure .

So when my child reached the age of 5, I sent her to a modern English class, which focus more on the interaction and entertainment of English.

The reason why I put her to such a class is because I also want her have the ability to think in a bilingual way in the future, and see a broader or different opinions in both Chinese and English on one same matter, I am the beneficial of this, so I want her to have this as well.

For me, after deep diving in English learning for years, I can see the bottleneck coming, it is either because of the memory/age problem or the immersion problem, I live in Beijing, so I don’t have a complicated English environment to immerse, then I have to find another way to improve my language ability given the current circumstance.

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