About Language II

As I mentioned last time, I have to find some way to keep learning and improve my English, the first thing which came to my mind is trying to find some way to use English in my daily life, not a full immersion, but as a tool, a good tool compared to Chinese language.

Actually, in English world, you can find almost everything or information you want, sometimes, I consider English as one of my most productive tool, which can help me from small cooking thing, fixing things or learning something, and with the help of google, I can search the largest database (At least I think so)for human in the world, and you got great chance to get a quality level results.

Speaking of Chinese information world, I can not say it sucks, but it works in a far different way than in English world, although the the Chinese information boosted dramatically during the last decade, and there are lots of Chinese information out there on the internet, it is still hard to find an objective view or well organised knowledge. Not to say the severe infringement problem and advertisement abusing problem.

I think the reason is pretty straight forward, China is the late comer for Internet and the restriction on the online information or the sharing. As google and facebook and twitter were blocked since early 2000s, no real competition in this field inside China, which would certainly lead to chaos and disasters for the market, well, someone would not agree with that, given the fact of the rising of the Chinese internet giants BAT, even DiDi, etc. I can only say all of them could collapse over night if it needs. Just look at another giant example in insurance field , The fate of the CEO should be not optimistic. Sorry, I am off the topic, again.

Backing to the topic of language improvement

To better understand or study the western language, beside English, you probably should try learning another one or two language, French or German are both good choice, and you may already know the joke, if you want to have more fun, just learn French, and if you want to have more work, just learn German.

French is the second largest language group in Europe, German is the third. And if you are a fun of classic novel from 18 century, studying some French is inevitable, because we all know, in 18 century, French is the centre of the Europe and most important novels were written in French. sometime ago, I even tried to read the Les Misérables in French after I finished the Chinese version of book, obviously I failed to do that, but it enlighten me to try something new in language studying, when my daily work had a connection with German language, I just spared some of my time to study it. Well I finally choose work over fun….sadly?

Actually, learning another language such as german still brought me a lot of fun, especially when I found some connections in German with English, which make me feel some culture movement between different countries in history. So maybe years later, I would probably resume my French study.

So I am still on the way of improving my language, broadening my view to see the world. And surely sticking to any of that is not a easy thing , but it is fun.

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