101801 MaxMara Icon Coat


Classic 101801 MaxMara fashion coat, never out of date since 1981 when she is firstly made.


Shopping in Italy, $3490 (RMB 23000)

Shopping in Official store in China, Price: more than 30000 RMB ($4500), Damn… so easy money from China, greedy middle dealer.

Used one, I mean the real one, not counterfeit, about RMB 10000, on XianYu(https://2.taobao.com), if I can get one, I will update it here.

Fit For:

Fitting for tall woman (170CM), broad shoulder, sand color would be better for asian woman

For Me:

Actually I don’t know why women are obsessed with this fashion piece, but what I know, if my wife love it, then it’s the worthy piece.

I always think if someone have something to obsessed with, then one’s life would be lucky, she would seldom feel boring about life, and always have something new to pursue with. that’s how life works.

Backing to the coat, actually I think it would pick the women who wear it, because if you are too skinny and not tall, then it would look fat and slack, especially for asian women, but as a matter of fact, all ladies would not admit it and have the courage to challenge it, so the business works.

If you can not afford this coat, you got alternative choice in China without legal risk at all, just buy one from Taobao(taobao.com) with less than $100, check out the screen grab:

Although taboo was criticized widely by the counterfeit goods, It still grow rapidly over years , the real problem behind this, I think, is the legal enforcement, so just have to wait and see.

Finally, Got one, but not the 101801, another MaxMara coat, this used one cost less than RMB 10,0000 ($1500), real bargaining.

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